Eleftheria Deko speaks in Blue Magazine, issue 83

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“Life becomes sweet and beautiful again”.
This summer has arrived with plenty of questions and anxiety. Even so, by making a little time for swimming in the rich blue waters of the Aegean, Ionian, Crete – Greece has so many lovely beaches to choose from – your thoughts are refreshed, concerns are eased and life becomes sweet and beautiful again!

Holidays, this year, imply introspection. There is nothing more appropriate than Greece’s scenery, the diversity of Greek nature, for reflection. Its simplicity teaches moderation, beauty and while inhaling the fragrant air, you feel optimistic again.

Whether you prefer the rejuvenating power of the mountains or an island adventure, this superb land offers both just hours away from each other. Also, just about everywhere on your journey, you will encounter monuments and fragments of the past, to be admired and which also serve as a reminder that other have also been here, passed through, and just like them, you too can make your time here significant.

Read the full interview in Blue magazine issue 83, page 45