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Lighting design is about shaping our perception, highlighting the architecture and the surrounding environment, defining focus, outlining shape and form and creating atmosphere.

Since 2001, Eleftheria Deko and Associates have been designing, studying and realizing, lighting of a high aesthetic value, for both public and private spaces, residences, museums and monuments, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, facades, etc.

Steps of Study

  •         Preparation / Lighting concept analysis and client presentation.
  •         Floor Plans, RC Plans with indication of position, type and control of the lighting system.
  •         Technical description and specification of the lighting equipment.
  •         Detail sketches, photorealistic drawings, 3D Visualizations.
  •         Cost-estimation.

The basic parameters of our design choices consist of the aesthetic principles of lighting design, the harmonious integration of the lighting in the architectural space, the flexibility, maintenance, energy savings and sustainability.